A new interview with Rendlesham Forest UFO witness, Steve LaPlume, by veteran UFO researcher Sacha Christie.

In this new interview, Steve LaPlume describes two UFO encounters witnessed by he and a co-worker in February 1981 — less than two months after the famous nights that comprise the orthodox RFI narrative. Both incidents were observed from their guard position at East Gate at the rear of the USAF base known as RAF Woodbridge. In the second incident, a cigar-shaped object passed low over their position. The object was smooth, the only detailing being a square feature resembling an “air vent” in the centre of the underside of the fuselage. Describing the shape of object in more detail for this article following the interview, he says, “the ends were not flat but more like a Tylenol rounded end.”

LaPlume was based at RAF Bentwaters, ranked A1C at the time, and this new interview with him also offers useful insights into life at the twin-base complex — particularly Woodbridge where LaPlume was assigned — including the culture of secrecy in which USAF personnel who witnessed UFOs knew that it would be career suicide to report what they saw. The vast airfield facilities at RAF Woodbridge supported the nearby nuclear-armed RAF Bentwaters base, which would have been a forward operating base for NATO in the event of World War III against the Soviet Union.

It’s important to note that there is very much more to the story of UFO incidents at Rendlesham Forest than the orthodox narrative featuring two nights and the three most famous witnesses, and in seeking the truth it’s essential to consider all of the available information — not just the accounts of the handful of celebrity witnesses who dominate this topic.

Update 16 Feb 2020:

  • LaPlume joined a private Facebook group to which we’re privy, where he expanded on his story in some detail. Highlights of these footnotes include further corroboration of important aspects of A1C Larry Warren’s encounter. (1) LaPlume confirms that Warren told him, in January 1981 just days after Warren’s experience, that . Warren described to him three non-human “beings” around a landed object — a detail that Warren’s account has been consistent about ever since. (2) LaPlume reports that a fellow airman, Mark Thomson — the only colleague other than Warren whom he trusted enough to disclose his own experience — was in the forest during the RFI and corroborated key details of Warren’s story.


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