The Debate

Alternative news, analysis & debate, without the bias of corporate and mainstream media.


Here at The Debate we believe it takes a bit of a renegade spirit to implement change. The ruse and veil of illusion over our eyes is thick and unwavering. We have put the fear aside here at The Debate, and are warriors hell bent on shattering these secrets and lies to aid the others of this truth army in spreading the REAL news. We are dedicated to whistle-blowing and blasting the ones who work against humanity out of the shadows they hide in and forcing them to shed their true faces in the light. We will stop at nothing to bring you relevant news, in a fresh and unique fashion. we have a different sharp style to how we roll, adding into our show a bit of humor, a smidge of sex-appeal, a sweet dash of attitude, plethoras of open-minded insight, amongst many other traits that set us apart from the rest. From our crew to your screen, we welcome you like family and invite you on the journey down the rabbit hole. Take the red pill with us, and lets exit the matrix. Time to see reality through unclouded and clear sight. Come with us, and let us never look back.

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