A physical artefact from the Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) should have been analysed this coming weekend. Regrettably, that won’t happen — because the UFOlogy mafia disapproves of an independent documentary called Capel Green, and I have failed to join the propaganda-campaign against it.

Update – 9 Sep 2019: Halt brought his plaster cast to his Woodbridge conference today, and we spoke for some time at the end, but he refused to allow his cast to be scanned for radiation — citing my cooperation with Capel Green as his reason. He confirmed in his presentation that his cast is the original artefact made by JP on 27 Dec 1980 and said it still has the date written on it.

A PUBLIC CHALLENGE to HALT and PENNISTON: the time has now come to permit somebody to properly analyse the casts. What is stopping you? What do you have to lose? What do you have to hide? I can personally perform this non-destructive procedure for FREE at the time and place of your choice. But anybody can do the job, using suitable equipment and this simple protocol.

Unanswered questions are great for TV documentaries, books and the UFO conference industry, but the lack of answers deprives us of the truth that I know we all seek. This is bigger than any of us, and humanity deserves an answer. I tried the private, diplomatic approach, and that failed. This challenge has been sent directly to both witnesses concerned and posted widely online.

If CH and JP continue to refuse to allow scientific analysis of the physical evidence in their possession, after sitting on these artefacts for 40 years, this inevitably raises the question: WHY?

Source: full audio of Halt’s Sep 2019 presentation.

Analysis: my preliminary analysis of Halt’s Sep 2019 presentation.

This is how the UFO community big-shots control and sensor the narrative, like a medieval cult. I committed the heresy of cooperating with an excommunicated project.

Col. Halt, a primary witness to UFO events in the forest surrounding a nuclear-armed USAF facility where he was deputy base commander, had arranged with me to have a plaster-cast in his possession analysed this Sunday (8 Sep) — with the aim of detecting any residual radiation and identifying any isotopes responsible for that radioactivity.

The plaster-cast was in contact with the soil, and has particles and pine needles embedded in it — actual physical evidence, frozen in time when the relic set in its mould. As such, the artefact is probably the best physical evidence of a UFO ever obtained to date, and our best hope of getting some of the answers we all seek about these extraordinary phenomena. Analysis of the cast is absolutely essential research, which literally could help us to answer the most important questions ever asked by mankind.

High radiation levels of 2.333••• µSv/h (according to my calculations) were reportedly measured in three oval impressions investigated during the RFI in 1980 — representing 100 times the baseline of a 0.023 µSv/h background level. Radiation can persist in the environment for a long period, e.g. the half life of uranium-238 is 4.5 billion years, therefore a microscopic trace of it would be detectable for even longer than that. Furthermore, the longevity of radioactivity in woodland ecosystems is well-documented.

Halt’s plaster-cast was made by celebrity UFO witness Jim Penniston in one of the three ovoid indentations he says were made by a UAP/UFO that he witnessed in the forest. Col. Halt has stated, on the record, that he believes the craft was extraterrestrial in origin. Penniston believes it was a vehicle from the future. Either way, clearly, this is interesting, and it could be important! Isotopic analysis, e.g. by HP-Ge gamma spectrometry, would yield real scientific data with the potential to unlock an understanding of the materials and processes involved, and indeed the origins of any unusual material. Most materials can be difficult to detect in very small traces, but radioactive materials are extremely detectable — so much so that radioactive molecules are routinely used in the lab as markers to detect things on a microscopic scale.

Sunday’s analysis was abruptly cancelled, because Halt was persuaded by his friend, David Young, a Suffolk-based paranormal investigator, that I had misled him. Young told Halt that I’d “lied” to him, claiming I’d said: “I [Tim] have nothing to do with Capel Green.” But I did not say that. Moreover, if somebody ever did ask me to agree to something so ridiculous, I’d refuse, because among normal people it’s ok to be independent. Nevertheless, Young continued posting his false and defamatory allegation prolifically online (libel) and in radio programs (slander) — until as a last-resort I sent a pre-action legal letter to stop that. In my view, I was set up, and this was an ambush. At one point, I noticed a post on David’s Facebook profile announcing the field trip and falsely stating I’d “assured” him that I’ve had no contact with anyone involved with Capel Green — and I commented on that “to clarify” and correct the situation then, so I believe he knew the truth.

What David Young had actually asked me, by email:

“May we ask for your assurance that this meeting is in no way connected to or that ANY of it will be used in the ongoing production ‘Capel Green'”

And what I actually agreed to, in my reply:

“Rest assured that this meeting has nothing whatsoever to do with the Capel Green film or anyone connected with it. Let me assure you that this is a private and confidential meeting purely for my own scientific research. My one and only concern to establish locations for measurements.”

I have honoured this agreement with David Young. I have not shared with anyone any part of the extensive video recordings I made of my long meeting on site with Halt, as we retraced his route through the forest, over the field and and past the farmhouse. Neither have I shared any of the information that he confided in me, which includes information not in the public domain that would be of tremendous public interest.

To be honest, I don’t understand why David Young was even involved in any of this. I had no idea who he was when he first emailed me looking for reasons to block my meeting with Halt. I don’t understand why he was there when I met Halt. I’d arranged the Halt meeting through a mutual contact, Robert Hastings, the respected UFO researcher behind one of the most important UFO documentaries, UFOs and Nukes. David came across as a protective groupie.

I later learned the reason for Dave’s antipathy toward Capel Green: they’d dared to include Larry Warren as one of the many witnesses in the film! It turns out that Dave had a very personal fall-out with Larry. Ever since a petty squabble with his estranged former friend, from his command centre (spare bedroom) Dave has led a disturbingly obsessive hate-campaign against Larry, which extends to any who dare to have contact with Larry. It even extends to attacking the friends and family of heretics who fail to reject Larry’s testimony. My own wife has been a target of the RFI trolls. In this toxic clique of haters, who are poisoning the entire topic, Dave’s second-in-command is Sacha Christie — another paranormal investigator, who also had a very personal fall-out with Larry, after a brief period during which Larry was her flatmate. These two delightful individual surround themselves with a legion of even more vicious trolls, extremely unpleasant types who contribute nothing to the debate but revel in the drama of attacking and jeering at Larry — an entourage accumulated over the course of several years since their “The Larry Warren Fraud®” campaign began. Attacking Larry has literally become their full-time career, and it has become their identity — it defines them. Their hate has twisted them up and aged them beyond their years. It’s gotten out of hand. Is there nobody close to these fanatics who cares enough to say to them, hey, it’s been fun, but you should move on and live your life now? Dave, Sacha: for your own sake, please… Take stock of what your lives have become. Enough is enough. It’s time to move on, now. Bring something positive to the conference this weekend, don’t make it a hate-fest. You were real researchers once, and you can be again — you will have my full support. Let go of the Larry thing.

WARNING: “fraud” is an extremely serious word with legal implications, and in the law of England and Wales calling somebody a “fraud” is actionable under the Defamation Act 2013. Action can be brought against each individual who said something damaging about the claimant. In court, the onus is on the defendant to prove that their allegation is true — even if they were just repeating what somebody else had said! The court will require very high standards of evidence — in contrast to the tittle-tattle they’ve been circulating about their former friend. I’d strongly urge Sacha to reconsider her talk at the upcoming conference which she has been advertising with the title of: “The Larry Warren Fraud.”

CONCLUSION: I made the mistake of believing that, as an independent researcher, I can talk to whomsoever I choose, and follow the facts wherever the lead me, even if I or others don’t like is found. This is taken for granted in science. Unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way that the UFOlogy mafia has chosen psuedoscience over science, wallowing in the thrill of their interpersonal dramas, and mistaking petty politics for research.

Screenshot 1 – on 18 Dec last year Chuck arranged with that we’d get the analysis performed this coming weekend:

Halt agrees to plaster-cast analysis

Screenshot 2: yesterday David Young falsely claimed there was no agreement to analyse the cast, after he himself had sabotaged this vital research:

“It was NEVER arranged for him [Tim] to analyse the plaster cast!”
– David Young

David Young falsely claimed no such agreement

Screenshot 3: David Young informing me the analysis of Halt’s plaster cast was cancelled, as was my slot as an unpaid speaker at Halt’s conference:

David Young - Movie fucking star

David Young - Movie Star Conversation


Further reading: this fb post, and this fb post and this fb post, and countless other sources demonstrating how this small clique of trolls is wrecking the topic and poisoning the community around the topic, with disinformation, fuelled by genuine hatred.

Background research: a selection of video records from my meeting with Chuck Halt on 4 September 2018 at Rendlesham Forest to delineate the locations of the key events he witnessed in December 1980. (The meeting was brokered by a mutual contact, the distinguished researcher Robert Hastings.)

Author: Tim Acheson