A rarely-heard female military UFO witness, Major Lori Rehfeldt, who was stationed at the nuclear-armed USAF facility in Rendlesham Forest, gave us a new and very open interview yesterday revealing important new information — speaking freely, on the record, following her retirement:

Pro tip: scroll down to the Study Notes section below for a list of some key highlights from the interview. These include: the fact that the witness now acknowledges a “lost time” experience associated with her UFO encounter, in common with other witnesses and consistent with “abduction” phenomena; the witness’s “sky grid” visions; her wormhole hypothesis; a discussion about powerful experimental EMF-based electronic countermeasures being tested during the Cold War; the “dark” and “evil” atmosphere and culture unique to the bases in this forest; and sketches drawn in the 1990s by this witness of a glyph type symbol before she had seen or heard anything about Jim Penniston’s notebook which contains the same motif; etc. These are obviously potentially very important revelations which have never before been released into the public domain, and we felt it essential for them to be added to our collective knowledge about the RFI. As Maj. Rehfeldt herself points out in this interview, it is as though different individuals have been given “different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle” that need to be fitted together to form a true picture of what happened and what the full implications might be.

Other Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) witnesses are referred to throughout the interview for cross-referencing purposes, including Larry Warren, Michael Stacy Smith, Jim Penniston, John Burroughs, and other named personnel who were based in the forest around 1980 — including personnel who are not alleged primary witnesses to UAP activity.

Lori was not the only female witness involved in the RFI — far from it. This may come as a surprise even to those who consider themselves familiar with the case, because the whole truth of the matter contrasts dramatically with the highly-censored orthodox RFI narrative, starring three [male] primary witnesses, that we have all been fed for the past four decades by a very small number of very big name “UFOlogy” celebrities and their entourage of close allies. What’s interesting is that the three most famous witnesses fundamentally disagree with each other about what happened, where, and when. More information about the less-known witnesses, whose stories have been consistent and untainted by four decades of deliberate disinformation, will be released in due course, and are included in a landmark independent study to be released later this year — Capel Green.

Further details of LR’s story will be forthcoming later this year. She recently collaborated in a reconstruction, with great attention to detail and accuracy, for the highly-controversial upcoming documentary, Capel Green, indeed it was we who had encouraged her to do so.

Airman 1st Class (A1C) in the 81st SPS (B-Flight) at the time of her 1980 encounter, RFI witness LR later joined the army. She held the rank of Captain when interviewed for the Sirius Disclosure Project, and later was promoted to Major in the US Army. Lori Rehfeldt witnessed an important RFI precursor UAP incident in February of 1980, which was followed by the precursor UAP incident witnessed by Michael Stacy Smith who also witnessed main events during the RFI.

Study guide for researchers

Selected highlights and rough notes, to assist you in navigating this long interview:-

  • 00:00 Introduction.
  • 03:45 Extreme behaviour at the bases, and how even very good people would “snap” and do something crazy, apparently just to escape from the twin bases complex at Rendlesham Forest.
  • 05:18 Michael Stacy Smith’s story discussed, and Maj. Rehfeldt verifies that he was equipped with an M60. (This is notable because Col. Halt, Deputy Commander of Operations during the RFI, has attempted to raise questions about MSS’s report to discredit him, advising in a private email sent to allies that they should say MSS couldn’t have been carrying an M60, an inaccurate claim posted extensively online by one of the famous “three amigos” celebrity witnesses of the Orthdox RFI narrative. The base commander went on record to criticise the DCO, saying “he [Halt] should be ashamed and embarrassed”.)
  • 06:15, 16:55 Lori describes the “Sky Grid” visions that often haunt her recurring dreams.
  • 14:12 Lori acknowledges the “lost time” aspect of her UFO experience, consistent with abduction type experiences.
  • 15:29 recurring dreams about seemingly important locations she has never been to, and also other dreams (e.g. 16:30) the witness feels are related to her experiences or are based on Rendlesham Forest.
  • 16:05 Jim Penniston’s binary code (also discussed in more detail elsewhere).
  • 20:23 Lori mentions her “wormhole” theory concerning historical and current unexplained activity at Rendlesham Forest.
  • 20:44 (and elsewhere in the interview e.g. 01:51:53 ) the witness feels that Pleiades is significant and somehow connected to all this. [The working title of her book is Pleiades Shadow.] The interviewers note that tracing geometric lines through the brightest stars in this constellation forms a figure similar to one of the “glyphs” allegedly sketched by Jim Penniston, though the co-witness who was with him refutes that part of Jim’s story. Also, alluding to a suspicion that one or two of the RFI witnesses are “embellishing” or that it’s wrong to do this.
  • 23:38 the “symbol” — around 1996 Lori drew a sketch of Woodbridge’s east gate and included the triangular symbol Jim Penniston drew in his notebook — before she had ever seen it (note that the same motif featured in Larry Warren’s paintings, too).
  • 26:35 onward – some background to Lori’s story, highlighting the male-dominated and macho culture at the twin bases, and why these bases were a very “dark” and negative place — with a toxic divisive culture that persists today among many of the UFO witnesses. Also here and throughout the interview, discussing the culture at the bases of suppressing and ridiculing UFO reports.
  • 01:36:09 a nice roundup of everything and starting the ball rolling for our next interview drilling down on some specific topics in much more detail…

We recorded the present interview over Messenger last night (30 Aug) at 2230h local (UK) time.

For the record in case useful: on 17 January 2018 just after 1645h (dusk) while standing at a location behind one of the hangars near the active MoD base at RAF Woodbridge, facing east, the interviewers observed a silent red light approach slowly from the horizon (compass bearing ENE, angle approximately 11 O’clock) which slowed to a stop at a low altitude over the hangar in front of us before returning back exactly the same way it came and disappearing over the distant horizon of Corsican pine trees heading toward the North Sea. The object passed approximately over the two locations where LR and MSS reportedly observed UAPs in 1980. Identification: unknown.

A still image from an upcoming thorough reconstruction of Lori’s UFO experience for the Capel Green documentary:
Major Lori Rehfeldt - UFO incident reconstruction

Main images credit: Capel Green trailer 5.

A selection of media assets shown in the video are available here, and were obtained from Lori, Facebook groups and the Twin Bases website.

Interview by: Tim Acheson, Anicka Plante, Major Rehfeldt.