Did you know that the speed-of-light gives you the GPS coordinates of the Great Pyramid?

The modern GPS coordinates of the Great Pyramid encode the speed of light (c), as well as Pi (π), and the Euler constant (e), using information that did not exist until modern times — indicating a temporal anomaly in which data somehow went backwards in time.

It’s been said for some many years that the latitude of the Great Pyramid is exactly the same number as the speed of light. This fact was noted by the CIA decades ago, has been in the public domain since at least 2005, and went viral as an internet meme last year — but the fact has long been dismissed as coincidence by sceptics/debunkers.

During a recent research project I needed to reference a recent book, Rendlesham Enigma, which states that the Great Pyramid GPS location was given to a UFO witness by time-travellers! This weekend, I decided to investigate that outlandish claim,  which led me to scrutinise the theory about the GPS coordinates also mentioned in the book.

Fact: I can confirm that the speed of light constant, c, is exactly the same number as a latitude (East) coordinate falling within the perimeter of the Great Pyramid!

This finding piqued my curiosity, because it is, at the very least, an extraordinary coincidence — a synchronicity. A GPS coordinate consists of two numbers, latitude (North) and longitude (East). I felt that, if the N coordinate were important, perhaps the E coordinate merits closer attention.

I checked to see how much the Pyramid has moved since ancient times due to geological processes, so I could account for both old and new locations. The first article that came up in Google provided figures for the slow northward movement of the North African tectonic plate, and also for the slow westward movement of the pyramid due to a process called Euler rotation. Euler… I know that name. He also discovered one of the most important constants in mathematics: the Euler constant.

So I Googled for constants, and on the first page that came up in Google I found the “Euler” constant. I planned to explore various constants, but I tried the first one that caught my attention: π/e (Pi divided by Euler). That obviously wasn’t a coordinate its self, so I tried adding it to the N coordinate of the pyramid — and it worked! Just like that, I’d found a potential solution to the puzzle of the E coordinate, and it was the first thing I tried. As I dug deeper, it struck me that the Euler constant gives us the exact value of the longitude of the pyramid as it was in antiquity, and a good approximation of its current position.

Fact: I also confirm that the pyramid’s longitude (East) coordinate is exactly the same number as the N coordinate, plus the quotient of Pi (3.141592•••) divided by the Euler constant (0.577215•••) which equals 1.155727349790•••.

29,979,245 m/s = speed of light (c)
29.979 245 °N  = latitude of Great Pyramid

Next, add Pi divided by the Euler constant:

31,134,973    = c + (π/e)
31.134 973 °E = longitude of Great Pyramid

Ever get the feeling that the Universe, or somebody, is trying to tell you something?


Anybody serious about working out the exact E coordinate of the Great Pyramid must encounter the Euler pole and associated Euler rotation, which determines the east-west movement of the pyramid over geological time.

Well, the exact same guy, Euler, also discovered a very important constant which, when added to the N coordinate of the Great Pyramid, magically gives you the E coordinate of the pyramid — accurate to infinite decimal places of precision!

What are the chances?

In other words, the E coordinate of the Great Pyramid works like a checksum for the N coordinate! A checksum, in technology, is a calculation that is used to validate the correctness of important data. The new revelation I discovered this weekend — which I’m calling “the Euler Checksum” — is a checksum that doesn’t only verify that the number is correct; it is also a factual checksum containing two separate but interrelated facts (the Euler constant and Euler rotation) in a way that seems designed to signal to us that we are on the right track! It sure jumped out at me when I noticed it.

The odds of all this being coincidental are astronomically low.

Could the E coordinate resulting from c + (π/e) give us the exact location of the Pyramid in antiquity? And if so, given the known rate of westward motion, might this give us a date — which could theoretically be the date of construction?

Instinctively, I now wonder whether these synchronicitous coordinates have a 3-dimensional aspect wherein the height of the pyramid is also important. More on that soon…

If my Euler Checksum theory is as meaningful as it appears to be, it must be appreciated that these facts and figures should not have been known in ancient Egypt. It should be impossible for the ancient Egyptians to know that: (1) our modern physics would use the metric system and measure the speed of light in meters per second; (2) our modern latitude system would be measured in degrees north; (3) our modern longitude system would be measured in degrees east of the Greenwich Meridian; and (4) one same mathematician would discover both (a) the Euler pole, which determines the westward movement of the pyramid, and (b) the Euler constant, which gives us the E coordinate.

CONCLUSION: In other words, it appears that the location of the Pyramid was chosen using information that could not possibly be known until a much later date. Information appears to have gone backwards in time.

This conclusion may seem improbable, even impossible in current knowledge of physics. But it’s also highly improbable that all of these correlating facts have arisen by accident.

In that book I mentioned earlier, as outlandish as it it may be, a UFO witness says he received the coordinates of the Great Pyramid in a binary code by humans from the future when he touched their craft.

These constants, c, π and e, are not trivial numbers. Each one of these is an extremely important “magic” number that is fundamental in maths and physics. I call these the God constants, because they are the ultimate laws that define the structure and behaviour of the universe, including biological life. It’s difficult to over-state the importance of e.

These constants are also extremely unusual, extraordinary numbers, with some remarkable characteristics. For example, as Wikipedia’s page about Pi explains: “Being an irrational number, π cannot be expressed as a common fraction (equivalently, its decimal representation never ends and never settles into a permanently repeating pattern) … Also, π is a transcendental number; that is, it is not the root of any polynomial having rational coefficients.”

Euler was a rather special bloke, too. One of his contributions, Euler’s formula, is popularly known as “the most remarkable formula in mathematics.” Euler’s formula is essential in understanding 3D geometry, including chrono-geometry (the geometry of time) and topography, from very simple to very advanced — including the geometry and topography of a pyramid (5 vertices, 8 edges, 5 faces, ergo: 5 – 8 + 5 = 2). It seems that the further we explore the pathway signposted by Euler, the more these coincidences just keep piling up, don’t they? Euler’s maths are also essential in understanding 4-dimensional geometry and topographyThe 4th dimension is, of course, time. Euler’s math allows us to understand the hypercube, or tesseract — remember that word from Interstellar, that movie about a wormhole? The tesseract is a 4-dimensional cube, translated into a 3-dimensional representation that’s easier for us humans to understand. Indeed, Euler’s contributions to maths are so numerous and clever, it’s led some to ask whether Euler could have received his knowledge from the future.  If so, presumably the time-machine would have used Euler’s algorithms to compute the time warp. Speaking of time-machines, Euler’s Disk — an apparatus utilising Eulerian physics to “defy gravity through dynamic exchanges of energy” — were featured in the original 1960 cult movie, Time Machine. But don’t worry: all of this stuff is just coincidence, right?

Final remarks

The speed of light N coordinate synchronicity is remarkable enough. The chances of the Euler constant and Pi being encoded in the E coordinate on top of that, by coincidence, would be astronomically low. This could constitute compelling evidence that information was somehow transmitted backwards in time to ancient Egypt.


  • The N coordinate of the centre of the pyramid will EXACTLY match the speed of light in the year 2565 CE, within the astrological Age of Aquarius. This is due to tectonic plate movement (continental drift). Today, the speed of light coordinate is almost at the centre of the pyramid and well within the perimeter of the structure. (Source: Gary Osborn.) The Giza Plateau has moved northwards by 22.5m-45m over the past 4,500 years.
  • The African Plate rotates east-to-west (anticlockwise) around the Euler pole (5.5° S, 3.6° E) at a rate of 3.6°/mega-year. Thus, the azimuth of the Giza pyramids should be adjusted by 58.32 arc minutes eastwards for the epoch 2500 BC.
  • Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) was a Swiss mathematician who discovered the Euler constant (e) which is the base of the natural logarithm, i.e. the unique number whose natural logarithm is equal to 1. It’s one of the most important constants in maths, and defining countless processes in nature. He also discovered Euler’s rotation theory, which in the 1960s was acknowledged to be the most accurate way to understand the rotation of our planet.

Author: Tim Acheson