The precise GPS location of the UFO landing site witnessed by S. Sgt. Jim Penniston during the Rendlesham Forest Incident has just been published, for the first time ever, in the witness’s new book aptly named, The Rendlesham Enigma.

VIDEO: Highlights from our investigation of the alleged binary code UFO landing site are presented in the short video below:-

We’re the first researchers to visit the site after the GPS location was revealed, conducting a thorough investigation on site including measurements of radiation and EMF, as well as academic research to understand the historical context. (In fact, we’re the first humans to visit the site, which was inaccessible until we’d cleared way the dense vegetation.)

Is Penniston’s landing site the same one investigated by Col. Halt in his famous tape recording? No. This is a popular misconception, one of many arising from disinformation and intended confusion in the highly-censored orthodox RFI narrative. The site investigated by Halt is a different, second landing site, not Penniston’s, and both Penniston and Halt are on record acknowledging this. So, what happened at the second landing site that nobody ever talks about?

The orthodox RFI narrative is widely believed to have occurred on nights 1 and 3 over a period of three consecutive nights, and frankly that’s the story that’s been rammed down the throats of the public for years — in about 70 TV documentaries and numerous books.

There were an estimated 40 military personnel in the forest on the 3rd night, including at least one (Adrian Bustinza) who was out there on all thee nights; so why don’t we hear a lot more from the other witnesses, and what could we learn from them about what really happened?

There were also significant UFO incidents on night 2, as well as notable precursor incidents (e.g. 81st SPs Sgt. Michael Stacy Smith, Capt. Lori Rehfeldt) and also important UFO events after the RFI. E.g. On the night of 26 December 1980, while stationed in the guard hut at RAF Woodbridge’s East Gate. Basic Airman Lori Buoen (law-enforcement police/LPs) witnessed a UAP descend into the forest north of the runway. The Shift Commander (D Flight, 1st Midnight Shift) was Lt. Bonnie Tamplin, who herself was the victim in an extremely serious UFO incident involving her vehicle! In addition, there’s an active campaign to suppress the story told by one of the witnesses, Larry Warren, who reported seeing “non-human” beings emerge from a UFO. With so much information still being withheld, and the ongoing disinformation, will we ever find out all that really happened?

Jim’s new book is advertised as “Book 1” in a franchised series of books which will continue to drip-feed into the public domain further details of his famous 1980 UFO encounter — including his fascinating and potentially very important information about a binary code received when he touched a triangular UFO. Jim first revealed his binary code claim in 2010, three decades after the UFO incident.

With input from his co-author, researcher Gary Osborne, in the new book Jim has released yet more revelations hidden in his binary code, including some fascinating geolocation and numerology work involving the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the speed of light, and various other New Age themes!

Joke: “There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.”

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