There’s still something strange going on at the site of the world’s most significant UFO incident, resurrecting rumours about alien technology and a vast secret underground base beneath the airfield.

Rendlesham Forest is without doubt the most important UFO case of all time. We’re currently on a research field trip to the site, to provide you with a recap of what happened and bring you up to date with important new information. We’ll also present the very latest images of the area, and discuss recent weird activity at the “disused” nuclear base at the epicentre of the event. While we were there, some strange things happened, and we caught some of it on video.

Rendlesham Forest UFO update – Part 1: introduction.

In late December 1980, during three consecutive nights, UFOs attracted the attention of personnel at two major US Air Force bases at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, UK. Base alarm systems were activated, and men were sent to investigate. (It’s extraordinary to situate two separate military bases in such close proximity. We presume that the twin bases were strategically placed to protect each other in the event of World War III.)

The main story unfolded at RAF Bentwaters, where unidentified craft shone beams into nuclear weapon storage bunkers, and culminated in a craft landing in front of a men dispatched into the forest to investigate (on a field known locally as Capel Green).

Rendlesham Forest UFO update – Part 2: highlights of our field trip.

There are so many questions. Between them, the MoD and the USAF know all the answers, but silently retain the truth behind a veil of official military-intelligence secrecy. We know that videos and photos of the landed craft were recorded, flown to a USAF base in Germany and then on to Washington DC. When will the Pentagon declassify this file? By now they know for certain that the craft wasn’t a Russian ploy, which could have been a legitimate reason for secrecy at the time. The people have a right to know the truth.

Were atomic weapons analysed by the UFO? Were nuclear warheads detected, disabled or otherwise affected by the laser beams? Laser technology was recently developed that can detect weapons-grade uranium from two miles away. X-Ray laser technology also exists that can detect a warhead through thick steel. Laser scanning techniques can differentiate between real and fake warheads. Technology also exists that can disable a nuclear weapon using a beam of energy. There is evidence that UFOs have disabled nuclear missiles in the US in numerous cases worthy of further investigation. It’s well-known that nuclear weapons seem to attract UFO activity.

Were warheads at RAF Bentwaters disarmed by the laser beam from the UFO? Would the USAF even be able to tell if the explosive or fuse was chemically deactivated? Would they tell us if a UFO was flying around disabling their nukes with impunity?

The Rendlesham Forest incident has captured the public imagination and continues to make headlines on a regular basis almost four decades after the original events, with each new review of the events and each new release of information. As always, skeptics and debunkers are desperate to offer mundane explanations, but none of the theories comes close to explaining the UFO witnessed and described in detail by multiple serviceman and corroborated by radar tapes. Like it or not, we must accept that this incident happened, and that it cannot be explained by crude speculative theories (e.g. the lighthouse, the meteor, etc) that fail to address the key facts of the case.

The object remains unidentified, the events remain unexplained, and the extraterrestrial hypothesis is a valid theory. Moreover, the ET hypothesis is the only option on the table that comes close to fitting all of the available evidence. Rejecting the ET hypothesis at this time would be unscientific and closed-minded, symptomatic of an inability to face a shocking yet entirely plausible possibility. A possibility that is strongly supported by the Drake equasion and current scientific knowledge.

Just last week a British newspaper broke the news that the Deputy Base Commander has known all along that some of his men “might have been abducted” by the craft. A video has now been leaked in which retired USAF Colonel Charles Halt admits it privately, unaware that he was being filmed when he let slip this bombshell revelation. Halt was not happy about the leak, to say the least.

Keep in mind that the men whom Halt is talking about were, until last week, blissfully unaware that they went missing for “several hours” during the incident! This new insight might explain the extreme “debriefing” and interrogation that witnesses were subjected to afterwards. The chain of command must surely have wondered where the hell those men had been, and what information about the base they might have disclosed to the unidentified visitors. At the time, the public had no idea that there were nuclear weapons in that quiet forest in England. Even the existence of the warheads was highly classified information, let alone details about the type of weapons deployed there and security arrangements at the secret storage area at the back of the facility.

In 2016 one of the eye-witnesses broke his silence after retiring — one of the USAF police officers dispatched to the landing site.

The area surrounding the Bentwaters airfield, Rendlesham Forest, is owned by the British government and managed by their Forestry Commission (FC). We commend the FC for recognising the importance of the UFO incident by setting up an official UFO trail there, complete with signs, maps and other resources, objectively documenting what happened and where.

This year interest in the Rendlesham case is already rising to an all time high, ahead of the release of Capel Green, a new documentary about the events of Xmas 1980, and hot on the heels of a controlled leak from the US military acknowledging that UFOs are real and the release of declassified video footage.

Rendlesham Forest UFO update – Part 3: research, analysis & conclusions.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Radiation survey at Rendlesham Forest identifies hotspots coinciding with 1980 UFO activity.