What’s even better than a video bulletin about the most important conspiracies of our time? How about when it’s presented by a hot chick from her bath tub?

All jokes aside, we hope this video inspires more people to wake up.

What would it take for us all to live together in true freedom, peace and prosperity? Perhaps intervention from outside our own biosphere is the only way. Would you welcome that or resist it? There’s compelling evidence suggesting that outside intervention is already underway, but unfortunately the agenda of these particular outsiders and their terrestrial collaborators may not be benevolent.

Here and now, in the 21st Century, most of human civilisation is enslaved by a pathological system of enforced games which none of us actually want to play. An obvious example is that most of us work their lives away, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, typically doing jobs that don’t progress humanity, or making stuff that’s not really needed,  to earn money to buy stuff that isn’t prerequisite for a healthy fulfilled life.

The planet has sufficient resources to sustain a stable population in abundance and plenty. Could it be that modern civilisation has got it wrong? You don’t actually need to work 8-hours-a-day to obtain the essentials necessary to live a healthy life, primarily food and water. What, then, do you really get, for all the extra hours that you put in? We’re enslaved and entrapped by an over-complicated system in which each of us spends the vast majority of their life working without receiving a proportionate reward. It’s actually irrational. It’s insane.

As a society we spend most of our time on things that take us nowhere and fail to address the monumental challenges and opportunities faced by our species. The people who do the most valuable work are not the people who receive the greatest rewards — in fact far from it. Many of us are allocated to roles in which we actually work against each other, like the guy rushing to bring home dinner vs. the official giving him a parking ticket. Half of the world is owned by an elite comprising less than 1% of the people. In this globalist system, our opinions and information is controlled by large corporations, as is our political system. We’ve really, really lost our way.

The good news is, there’s hope for future generations. Every journey starts with a first step. Your first step is to wake up and realise that the system is flawed and rigged against you. Then, encourage others to take their first step. One day, when enough of us are awake, through peaceful means we’ll create a new age of peace and truth.

And for those who care for it, here is part two:

“Let us see… That we could be… A true form of free.”