The existence of UFOs, and the US military’s covert program to investigate them, has been intentionally disclosed to the mainstream media by the former head of the program, and several other insiders including a US congressman. The Pentagon acknowledges internally that these craft exhibit capabilities “far beyond” any known terrestrial technology.

As the head of the Pentagon’s secret UFO investigation unit put it: the existence of UFOs is “proven beyond doubt.” This, my friends, is as close as we will ever get to Disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. There will never be a White House press conference where the President formally announces that UFOs are real and waits for the journalists to ask him difficult questions such as whether or not they are extraterrestrial visitors and how defenceless we are against them!

The US Government had already started releasing files and media from classified CIA and Pentagon files under President Obama, following in the footsteps of other nations — most notably France, Russia and the UK, which had already been releasing their UFO files.

What governments are telling us is that, yes, UFOs are real. What they are not saying, either because they do not know or they do not want to alarm us, is what UFOs are.

So, what are UFOs? Nobody knows for sure. The extraterrestrial intervention hypothesis is currently the best explanation on the table; in fact it’s the only theory that can explain all of the available facts about UFOs.


Since the landmark NYT report, on 1 Jan 2018 the British government release the last batch of its declassified UFO files. The timing of this, in such close chronological proximity to the NYT leak, strongly indicates coordination between the US and UK. Almost exactly 1 year previously, the CIA released 13 million pages of its older secret UFO files. The trend of declassifying secret government UFO files was started by the UK in 2008 with other countries, most notably France and Russia, following their example from 2009.

Also, a US Navy pilot has also broken the code of silence to urge world leaders to take UFOs seriously:

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