In light of the fact The Analysis received SO much flack over the Dark Side of the Moon episode, I have sat back thinking about my standing with things in general.  And I stand firm.  I respect whatever anyone believes.  I truly do.  If all the conspiracy theory sort of stuff is just trash to someone, I respect that.  I do not expect them to believe in such things.  But I, speaking for myself, do believe.  And this particular individual decided to not only bash what I believe, he insulted me immensely by saying I would be a much bigger YouTube hit if I were to turn my videos into story book sessions.  To insult me and my passionate beliefs in such a fashion is NOT ok.  And sitting back thinking on things.. Well, this is what I had to say.

Peace, Love, and Light to All.

-Anicka Plante, hostess of TheAnalysis.Net Show

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