The new US President, Donald Trump, is at risk of assassination.

His manifesto makes enemies of some of the world’s most powerful and dangerous organisations. No US President since Kennedy has been so at risk of assassination, and in fact Trump’s enemies are more powerful and numerous than those of his assassinated predecessors, either Kennedy or Lincoln. We therefore predict that there will be an attempt to eliminate Trump early within his first term of office.

Any who doubt the seriousness of this prediction are advised to review the list of enemies Trump is standing up to, including:

  • Mexican drugs cartels, organised crime, Mafias and gangs.

One of Trump’s first executive orders was to combat drugs cartels, along with organised crime and violent crime. The Mexican President apparently welcomes US military support against the evil of the illicit drugs trade.

  • US intelligence agencies, including the CIA and NSA, and the wider intelligence community including key NATO allies.

The NSA suspects that Trump is a Russian agent, so much so that they are allegedly withholding intelligence reports from presidential briefings — which would be unprecedented and extraordinary. Britain’s SIS was involved in the leak of a dossier on Trump’s Russian connections (compiled  by a former agent, but “once a spy always a spy” as the saying goes) and MI6 appears to tacitly endorse the dossier. The head of the CIA reportedly warned Trump: “watch what you say.”

The CIA is widely suspected of direct involvement in the global illicit drugs trade (see previous bullet-point above!) together with other Western intelligence agencies and affiliated police forces . Informed conspiracy theorists, including notable insiders, still take seriously the hypothesis that the CIA was implicated in the legendary assassination of JFK, a fascinating topic beyond the scope of this report.

  • China.

One of Trump’s closest advisers, Bannon, went on record saying there is “no doubt” that the US will engage in war in the South China sea. He must have been referring to the defence of strategic islands — which are Japanese territory on maps accepted by the US and Japan, but Chinese territory on maps accepted by China. Furthermore, China openly intends to take-over these islands and has been escalating military exercises in the area. Last week there were “dangerous” encounters in the area between  American and Chinese military aircraft. The US Navy recently boasted that it is preparing to “challenge” China in this region. China has the most formidable military capabilities on the planet — from anti-satellite lasers, to guns capable of shooting down every ICBM and bomber launched by the US, and almost twice as many troops as the USA. (China’s military is generously funded by the USA, whose tech corporations off-shored millions of jobs to this enemy state.) A Chinese military official recently warned that war with the US under Trump is “becoming a practical reality.” If either side perceives that armed conflict is unavoidable, disturbingly, an all-out preemptive strike might be the best strategic option — a final, desperate attempt to stop a war nobody can win. This seemingly inevitable conflict, which shall be the first war between superpowers in the era of thermonuclear warfare, could very conceivably erupt into a third World War and lead to the extinction of our species.

  • Globalism, the corporate mass media, and the global elite.

Trump has declared war on globalism, the mainstream media, and the elite. Alternative media outlets like Infowars and The Analysis, combined with the rising power of social media, helped Trump win the election contrary to most expectations. No wonder Trump’s opponents and the mass media have whipped up “fake news” into such a hot buzzword lately. (The Analysis remains sceptical about the legitimacy of Trump’s anti-elite credentials, not least because the man is part of the globalist elite, and we note that Trump is if anything too friendly with the arch villain of the corporate mass media, the grand mogul Rupert Murdoch, a kingmaker whose outlets openly acknowledge that they literally have the power to decide the outcome of national elections.)

Indeed, Trump has so many enemies, if somebody does decide to take him out the list of suspects will be so long it will be the subject of perpetual debate. They’ll certainly try to discredit or impeach  him, and if all else fails they’ll do whatever it takes. The harsh reality is that many, even within the US establishment and the global elite, would be relieved to see Trump go. Conversely, however, some would argue that this is precisely why we need a leader like this, to shake things up in places where powerful vested interests have got a little too comfy.


The Analysis is opposed to extrajudicial killing, including but not limited to assassination. We want to make that clear, for the benefit of those who would seek to spin into something it is not. If a person is suspected of serious wrongdoing, whoever they are, that person should be given a fair trial. Incidentally, we also oppose capital punishment. However, as a colleague noted in a recent fireside chat discussion: “he’s gotta watch out.”

Update (14 February 2017):

The day after we published this page, Infowars published a similar report under the headline: Russian insiders fear Washington establishment will assassinate Trump. This is recommended related reading.